Why do you need post project upkeep?

Preventive maintenance is an important key to maintain the “newness” of your remodeling project. An inspection should be done of a remodel and addition every 2 to 4 years. Some items to keep aware of:

  • “Settling” can cause hairline cracks to show up in tile showers which it occurs should be re-caulked.

  • Window caulking is another area that should be looked at to maintain weatherproofing of a new and existing opening.

Do you have any warranty for your home/remodel?

Materials supplied by Subcontractors will have warranty information, (roofing materials, etc).

Equipment provided on a project will have its own warranty information, (appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc.)

Work performed by a General Contractor and their Subcontractors are warranted up to a one-year period of time. Our policy has always been that we are here for the duration.

Why use design & build?

Many projects put out for competitive bid come in far over the Homeowner’s budget.

A Design & Build team will most importantly keep you on budget.

How to choose a Contractor?

When choosing a contractor the best place to get the right information and feedback is with the referrals.  Call the contractor’s referrals and ask the following:

  1. Did the job get done on time and on budget?

  2. Were there any change orders instigated by the Contractor? (The homeowner should instigate all change orders).

  3. Was the jobsite kept clean?

  4. Were the Subcontractors Helpful & Polite?

  5. If you would rate the overall experience with this contractor between 1 & 10, where would they be?